95.3 The Rebel

95.3 The Rebel

Call Letters:  WEBL-FM/HD1

City of License: Coldwater, MS 

Format:  Mainstream Country

Website:  MississippiCountry.com

Target:  Adults 25-54

Gender:  55% Female/45% Male

97.7 Guess FM

97.7 Guess FM

Call Letters:  WOWW-AM/FM

City of License: Germantown, TN

Format:  Classic Hits

Website:  GuessFM.com

Target:  Adults 35-64

Gender:  52% Female/48% Male

Desoto 100.1

Desoto 100.1

Call Letters:  WEBL-HD2/W261CE

City of License: Southaven, MS 

Format:  Classic Country

Website:  MississippiCountry.com

Target:  Adults 35-64

Gender:  55% Male/45% Female

95.3 The Rebel Coverage Area

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97.7 Guess FM Coverage Area

WOWW-TX Coverage Map

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Desoto 100.1 Coverage Area

Desoto 100 - W261CE Coverage Map

The Power of Local Radio

10 Reasons You Should Advertise


90% of adults listen to the radio every week.  Our Consistent format allows you to key in on a specific life-group frequently.


The Rebel reaches consumers closer to the time and location of purchases and at various stages of the purchase cycle.


The Rebel is a mobile medium reaching homes, offices, cars, computers, and smart phones.


Radio is central to people’s lives.  Listeners typically switch between only a few channels.  Radio has a low level of ad avoidance.


Listeners feel an emotional connection with their preferred stations, allowing advertisements the Ability to effectively present a “call to action.”


The Rebel averages 10 commercials per hour.  Advertisements have the opportunity to stand-out in an uncluttered environment.  


Radio has a “multiplier effect” on other media.  Audio-only messages are processed in a different part of the brain than video, print, and web.


Consumers must be exposed to ads multiple times to respond.  Radio’s low cost allows for maximum impact.

Creative Flexibility

Radio is theater of the mind. Powerful creative is accessible to all advertisers and messages can change frequently. 

Cost Effectiveness

Radio production is cheaper than print and video.  Radio’s ad unit cost is low, allowing for frequency.