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8 Key Digital Assets

We offer the same products that Fortune 500 companies use to improve performance and make these amazing digital solutions available to local businesses!   

This will help you serve ads to ANY audience, at ANY time of the day, and on 90% of devices in your market area!  The result is more impressions, more web traffic and more store visits!

There are 226 million Smart Phones used every month in the United States and 9 out of 10 have their location services enabled!  Over 50% of consumers have found a business or service doing a search on their Smart Phone!   This means your clients can reach consumers everywhere their Smart Phone goes...where they live, work and play!


8 Key Digital Assets


This allows you to send your targeted message to smartphone users in a defined geographic area.


Included in every geo-fencing campaign at no additional charge, this allows you to drive and track users from point A (competitor locations) to point B (your location).


Included in every geo-fencing campaign at no additional charge, a tagged device from a geo-fencing campaign serves ad at to nearby home and/or work computers or tablets.


This behavioral data ensures that your ad appears in front of the user in any part of a city or region.

Site Retargeting

This allows you to market directly to potential customers who previously visited your website. 

Search Retargeting

This allows you to market directly to potential customers who are searching for your product or service at that time.

Category Contextual Targeting

This targets your messaging on websites where potential customers are more likely to be visiting.

Keyword Contextual Targeting

This serves your ad to those who are reading screen content related to your type of business.

Digital Direct Mail

80% of businesses large & small list email marketing as #1 or #2 for creating new customers!  North Mississippi Media can you start building a huge email database or add new contacts to their existing database. We are part of a massive network of websites offering a searchable database of opted-in consumers!  

These consumers are making online transactions or who fill out online forms and check a box saying "yes" to accept offers 

from businesses like yours!  We can even provide detailed contact information so that you can follow-up!      


We can send emails using our wide array of demographic filters to target your ideal customer!

Our Digital Direct Mail is unique, effective and gives you the power to directly reach new contacts - each one with an email address, first & last name and a postal address for direct follow-up!


We provide you with targeted leads that are filtered to your target "ideal customer profile" for effectiveness!  

How are WE better?

  • ​100+ million searchable nationwide database in every city in U.S.!
  • Opted-in by saying "YES" to receive 3rd party offers from anyone!
  • Search by geography & demographic to create ideal customer profile!
  • Multiple send platform - 2 to 4 sends - 14.2% open rate + 7.35% CTR!
  • We provide a "custom email database" of all opens + clicks! 

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92% of Customers are more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review.

The all-in-one reputation management solution Collect new reviews on sites that matter to your business and boost customer happiness by leveraging feedback from over 250 online review sources.

Turn customer reviews into your competitive edge.  Get new reviews, manage them and promote them across the web for 1, 10 or 10,000 locations. All from one dashboard.

Monitor all your reviews.  Access to customer reviews, across every touch point, from every source, in one place.

Get reviews instantly with Messenger.  Reach them where they’re most engaged. After answering questions or providing support to customers in Messenger, easily follow up with a review request using any default or custom template.

Use reviews to get new customers.  Let your customers do the talking to increase trust, social proof, and sales: word-of-mouth marketing at scale.